Construction update - South Burlington - June 12   |  Construction update - Georgia - week of June 4

Culvert Replacement on I-89

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is replacing three sets of culverts on I-89.  The culverts are located in two different towns as shown on the map at right and described below:

  1. Replacement of two sets of culverts one mile apart in South Burlington
  2. Replacement of one set of culverts in Georgia.

Culverts allow water to flow under roadways. They can be metal pipes or concrete structures such as those shown above.

The project is needed because the existing culverts, consisting of metal pipes, are beginning to deteriorate and are not adequate to handle the flow of water under the highway.  The replacement culverts will have greater capacity than the existing pipes.

Both will be design-build projects. Design–build is a project delivery system in which the winning team includes a lead construction contractor, a design engineer and various subcontractors as necessary. More traditional project delivery is a two-step process where the project is designed, then bids are requested by construction contractors.

The projects have been designed to minimize disruption to the traveling public. Some specific traffic restrictions may occur at night (8 PM to 6 AM). “Smart work zone” technologies will be used to help monitor traffic operations in the work zone and also to aid in rapid response to incidents in the work zone, should any occur. All construction-related traffic information will be posted to this website as well as communicated by other means. VTrans encourages the public to sign up to receive project information and relevant traffic alerts.

Construction on these projects began in spring 2017 and be completed by the end of May 2018. While construction of the culvert structures has been completed, in spring 2018 the contractor will finish site restoration work. For more information about each project or schedule, please see the individual project descriptions in "About the Project".